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why-innerWe are a full-service HR outsourcing company. Our robust processes ensures we meet SLAs and help improve your operational performance

From hire to retire, we cover all!

We are proud of our response time and promptness.

We respect you and collaborate with you to achieve your ambitions. We take you along in your journey towards people driven success.

We are an HRO solutions provider with tailored services depending on your needs.

We continuously innovate to add value to your services We believe actions speak louder than words and truly display it in all our associations.





Our HR outsourcing engagement is tailored uniquely based on the business needs of our clients.

We provide high-quality, cost-competitive solutions that include:

»  Our expert dedicated team of specialists are available to resolve your queries.

»  Ongoing employee relations from routine matters such as leave administration to more sensitive issues like employee grievances and disciplinary action.

»  Place our HR specialist on site on a short/long–term basis to address your priorities