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Screening finds 8 school staff with crime record. Can prior Background Check could have helped?

Even if, we people are too busy, but we never give a miss to current affairs. Medium can be anything from news channels to newspaper. Some people are so obsessed with the news reading habits that they cannot start their day.   

But, sometimes these news sinks your heart. Headlines gives you goosebumps. “6-year-old minor abducted in school by staff”, “10-year boy murdered, bus driver held guilty” and so on…

Students safety in Schools

Today, I came across one such headline “Screening finds 8 school staff with crime record”. With this I was numbed. Suddenly my mind got turmoil of questions. Are our kids safe in schools?  Who are responsible for heinous crimes in schools?  When it will stop? Parents trust institutions/schools to not only educate their children, but also to safeguard them from any possible harm or abuse. Students interact with teaching and non-teaching school staff daily in or out of the school. They could be drivers, conductors, housekeeping staff, security guards, nursing staff and many others. This exposes children to have direct interaction with kids. School’s authorities are responsible to ensure complete safety where ever school authorities are involved in student’s day to day activities.

Background Check – A preventive Measure

After researching for couple of hours on the topic. I found that background screening on school’s teaching and non-teaching staff is the important preventive measure. Background checks can stop such circumstances to occur. School should undertake it strictly. It is imperative for schools to conduct a thorough background screening on school’s teaching and non-teaching staff for a safer environment. Taking every possible step to protect students and manage parental concerns is obviously a top priority for schools or institutions. Further school’s brand name can make or break the success of your institution. Just one employee with a disgusting background is enough to ruin hard gained reputation of schools or institutions.

Recommended Background checks

There are several backgrounds checks you should emphasis on Identity Verification, Address Verification, Education Verification, Reference Check, Court Record Verification, Criminal Verification, Drug Test, Credit Check. As humans we have a practice to look for the cheapest options. And same implies for background screening providers, that too without fully understanding its after effects. Sometimes these providers create a false or outdated information to clients. Searching for a background screening vendor should be a careful and thorough process.

Pietos is amongst the TOP 25 Promising Verification Providers of 2016 mentioned by Consultants Review Magazine. Pietos offers in-depth background screening services for school staff to build safe schools, in line with schools policies and guidance from various governing bodies.

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