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“Resume-Padding” can cost to employer

The Burning Problem

Resume-Padding a burning sensation in the corporate world. But what exactly does it mean? It is simply, a white collar fraud, which can cost you your money, job, reputation, and freedom. In absence of a proper Background Check, the victim is EMPLOYER. Ever-increasing rate of resume padding brought employer under pressure to check every nook and corner of an applicant’s resume. Yes, agreed, there are still ample of honest people out there. But there are also many people who are trying to trick their way into employment.


Employers falling prey to such circumstances can face irreversible losses. For instance, if you hire someone who doesn’t have the technical skills to perform the job. Maybe you hire someone who is not legally permitted to perform the job because he or she doesn’t hold the necessary degrees or licenses. In this case you will for sure lose a worker and also risk legal litigation. Maybe you hire someone with a criminal record risking the future of your organization. Such hiring’s can end up in the headlines with financial as well as productivity losses.These are some of the problems and its consequences. But, is there any solution?

Solution for Resume Padding:

Yes, for sure, the best way to defend against resume padding is through “background checks”. Including verification of education, professional licensing, skill testing and past employment. You need to do reference checks to get second and third opinions. These steps will help you spot resume lies and disqualify dishonest applicants before they can damage your organization.You must have procedures in place designed to reliably catch such resume padding. Take a “check and mate” approach. Technology is a bliss to track and catch such activities or hire a firm like Pietos where multi process HR services cover the entire employee life cycle management. Pietos offer a wide range of employment background checks and pre-employment screening services. Quick turnaround time, stringent quality checks, well defined processes, online and automated BGV reporting and delivery across length and breadth of the country differentiate Pietos from all other service providers.

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