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MNC’s Strengthens Background Checks on Cab Drivers

Day by day crimes are raising their ugly head. In today’s era one’s safety and security are questionable. When an employee goes to and fro between office and home, or moves around places, in company cabs. Safety and security becomes moral and prime responsibility of employers.

Case Study on Uber Drivers wicked background checks

In April 2018, a CNN investigation found at least 103 drivers working for Uber in the US.  Who “have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years”. Besides as many as “31 drivers have been convicted for crimes ranging from forcible touching and false imprisonment to rape.”

 This depicts how insensitive and risky this profession is becoming.

MNC’s take on Background Checks of Drivers

Now-a-days more and more MNC employers are realizing for safety and security “Prevention is better than cure” holds very true. MNC’s are undertaking identity checks and important credentials checks for their drivers before they are employing them on the duty. Drivers are an essential part of the workforce for MNC’s. As they take their employees from home to office and viceversa.

Criminal background verification

This kind of check has become a must for the cab drivers because the drivers whom MnC’s are hiring must be reliable. These drivers help MnC’s to move their employees safely and on time. If the MNC’s hire a wrong driver who is allegedly involved in abusive activities, rash driving, over speeding or drinking. It might affect the MNC’s brand name and also force them into long and expensive litigation. Hence MNC’s strengthening a criminal background check to decide about the drivers.

Once the verification has been done by the agency like Pietos.

Pietos will produce the detailed report about the driver to the MNC’s to whom they are planning to hire.  In turn reducing the chances of loss of employee’s trust over MNC’s

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