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How To Find Your Employee Background Verification Partner

Whenever you decide to buy a car, you first try to find out its review or response from actual users, or from a source that is reliable enough, to know more about it. Why do you do that? Because you want to buy a car that is reliable. A car that is not reliable is not going to last long, and you need to start again to find a new car and bear the loss of money spent on the broken-down car.

The same argument holds for recruitment of an employee. If you get your pre-employment check done from someone not reliable, you might hire someone without knowing the entire background. That might mean restarting the entire process again. In order to avoid such a situation you need to ensure that your background verification partner is reliable. And how do you know your Background Verification (BGV) partner is reliable? What do think you need to check? Or what do you need to avoid?

What to check in a Background Check Partner?

Legal Compliance: One of the easiest wat to test your partners reliability os to find if they are following the FCRA guidelines. For BGV partners in US, another important parameter to check is membership of  National Association of Professional Background Screeners. In fact, if you are in US you are legally bound to use a BGV partner who is FCRA guideline compliant.

To confirm, just check your partners BGV process documentation and compare it with FCRA guideline. You can also find out their affiliations. And don’t forget to read fine prints on their website or proposal.


Another sign of reliable background checks is that they clearly understand all the legal aspects of background check. These laws vary by industry and country. If you want to make sure your background checks are reliable, make sure they are aware and comply with the law of the land. In case you are unsure, make it a point to talk to a real person from the company and get it on writing.


A passenger transport company while hiring a driver will be more interested in the motor vehicle records for possible security and legal records; while for a bank hiring financial executives will be surely wanting to know the credit background checks and similar records. The BGV partner needs to be capable as well as adaptable enough to be able to provide necessary information.

Things you need to avoid in a BGV Partner

While it is obvious that there will be some difference between two Background Verification Service provider, including the process they follow and price they offer. However, there are some indicators that you need to specially concerned about, most important among them are:

Partners that promise immediate results without having a demonstrable automated or AI based process. These companies often perform a simple web search that you yourself can do, without any actual verification of the records.

Those who hide behind fine prints. Some partners do not follow a proven workflow based on internationally accepted guidelines. They often mention in the fine print that you’re not legally allowed to use the data they provide for employment purposes.

Those who offer their services on unbelievably low prices, often cut corners to depending upon unreliable sources or skipping the verification process altogether.

How to find the right background verification partner

Make sure your partner has a proven and established BGV process, preferably FCRA guidelines; are aware of the nuances of your industry and are ready to customize the report based on your specific needs.

At Pietos, we provide reliable services that are crafted to fit your organization’s need. With the industry proven process, a team aware of all legal aspects of the process and ready to dig through to find the most relevant information for your need, we can prove to be the partner you are looking for.

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