• Barsha Chakraborty

Fake Education Document: Case Study

Yash, a fresher had been placed as a trainee business analyst in a well-known Finance company who are clients of Pietos Solutions.

We received Yash’s details and documents around 15 days before he was about to join the company.

In his case, since it was his first job, there was no previous employer verification required for him.

Therefore, we decided to concentrate mainly on his education qualifications which were from a college in east Uttar Pradesh. Our verification team searched for his result online but was unable to find anything inspite of it being a recent pass out case.

Despite trying several times with the enrolment number, they were unable to get his result online. This was very strange because our research team was equipped to search for such cases online.

As part of the process, the verification team simultaneously called up the university and requested them to validate the submitted degree.

The university was quick to revert and by the next day we had their email saying, the roll number on the degree was a fake.

The team made and shared a report with the client immediately understanding the criticality of the situation.

We got a revert from the client the next day with another document attached. This time it was Yash’s third year marksheet with a stamped and signed verification by the college’s principle. He had insisted that his degree was genuine and the marksheet signed and stamped by the principal of the college that he was attending was the proof that he had attended the said college which is affiliated to the university we had approached earlier and who had discredited his degree.

With the new document, Pietos verification team went back to work and contacted the college principal’s. They explained to him how they had a final year marksheet with his signature on it from an ex-student whose enrolment number had already been declared invalid by the university. This put him on alert because the university had been only giving a consolidated three-year marksheet for the last few years.

On the face of it, it looked like a forgery and since it had his alleged signatures on it, he asked us to share the document on his college email ID and we immediately did that. The college authorities called us back within minutes saying it was a bogus roll number. They requested us to post the marksheet with a cover letter to the college.

The team immediately did this and we got an official revert on the college letterhead with the principal’s real seal and signature stating clearly that the marksheet as well as the seal and signature on it were forged.

Pietos shared the findings with the client who in turn, cancelled Yash’s job offer with immediate effect.

It has been observed in India that almost 10% of the documents shared by prospective employees before joining are either fake or fluffed-up. Such unethical people, though not too many in number can easily cause a big problem once they gain entry into an organization. Fake educational qualifications are very common and unlike in this case, many colleges, especially in semi-rural areas often help in forging degrees for a small fee.

Our team at Pietos tries to cover all bases to prove authenticity of the submitted documents. We try to keep our client’s business safe because, that is our motto.

For getting your employees’ educational document verified or any other Background check, contact us or mail to contact@pietos.com

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