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COVID and new HR challenges in BGV

Updated: Feb 7

Now that Government has opened private establishments with 33% strength, a new challenge is quickly emerging. Most #employees are complaining about lack of #publictransport and citing #personalsafety as a reason for not coming to work. Some say they still prefer the ‘#WorkFromHome’ over commuting to work because that gives them and their family the satisfaction of knowing that they are #safe at home. Some have even gone to the extent of demanding conveyance allowance to travel in these days of no public transport. All this and more poses a big challenge for #HR to bring employees back to work. Companies, big and small, are struggling to get back on their feet after the deadly COVID blow. The entire #economy is struggling. Government is trying its best to get things back to normal along with fire fighting to control the daily spike in cases. So, then why is the twain not meeting? Do employees want to wilfully disrupt the balance or stop the businesses from standing on its feet again... NO. That’s unlikely. Why would they do that when they know they have to work to make ends meet. Then why is there such a resistance? The #employers think that #employees are not supporting them and vice versa. Maybe, there is one aspect of #communication we all (us who are working towards getting things back to normal) missed out! You see, one stimulus is enough to scare someone especially if its projected as a life and death situation. But it needs a lot more focussed counselling to kill that fear once the danger is over or under control or when you think that you have to live with it. I think what we all overlooked was to communicate to the citizens how important it is to go back to work now if we were willing to see normal days ahead. It was right to stay home when the situation was fragile and not within control. But now the time has come to step out. And while the danger is still there lurking outside, we need to overlook it and start building our lives all over again. To live in fear is a disease in itself. But if you know how to equip yourself so you are safe (as much as possible) and you adhere to the safety plan, how long can you hole yourself up? Maybe, its time our #leaders counselled us in this direction now. People need confidence and that can only come up when a leader tells them that “All is well”. 

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