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Case Study: Address Verification

Umar, a fresh graduate from Uttar Pradesh, joined a client of Pietos Solutions in the Information Technology department.

Umar had supplied his permanent address in Azamgarh and current address one in a thickly populated area in Delhi.

Based on these addresses and other information shared by the client, Pietos background verification team initiated various verification checks on the candidate which included addresses, employment, court records, PCC, global database, education verification, identity checks etc.

Our legal team working on court record cases after thorough searches that that there were several cases lodged in the same name from the area of his permanent and present address. They were scrutinising each case with other details of the individual but needed confirmation if the addresses had been verified.

On the same day, we got a report from our field executive responsible for conducting address checks in the area in Delhi that despite visiting the address thrice he had been unable to meet anyone at subject’s home. The UP address verification was still in process.

Meanwhile, as part of our quality process, the Quality team placed an audit call to the subject but he did not pick the call himself. Instead, a person claiming to be subject’s friend picked his number and assured the auditor that someone had visited and done the address check yesterday.

The verification team at Pietos is well equipped to handle such suspicious cases. But first we informed our client SPOC that it may take a little longer to close this case and decided to do more investigation.

The physical address verification team sent out a team of two senior field verifiers to the congested Delhi locality to look for the address once more asking them to visit the local police station if no one was found at home.

Meanwhile, the police verification (PCC) report arrived from Uttar Pradesh clearly stating that the candidate had no records of breaking the law in his area of residence. That gave us some confidence and we asked the court verification team to look up the records once more.

Meanwhile, the Delhi team reached the Old Delhi area and found the door locked from inside. No one opened the door despite repeated knocks.

Not to be put off they went around speaking with the neighbours who lived in the same lane. They were told by everyone that a couple of boys did live in that address but, since they worked night shifts, they were seldom up before lunch time.

Armed with this information, the team visited the police station and were reassured that there were no local complaints against the tenants of that particular address.

They arrived at the door of the house again around 2 pm and knocked. This time their knock was answered immediately and they were greeted by the candidate and his roommate. The address verification went without a hitch.

They even found out why the roommate had said that verification had already been carried out on call. Apparently, another address verification team from a credit card company had visited them from a bank where the candidate had applied for a credit card.

Thus, Umar was given a green report because Pietos ensured no stones were left unturned to create a properly-verified record so that the client would not have to worry giving him access to their sensitive data and information.

At Pietos we believe in due diligence. No case is closed hastily if even an iota of doubt has arisen in any department while checking the history of the subject.

For us, our client’s security and Pietos’s reputation is of utmost importance.

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