• Barsha Chakraborty

Be Careful Not Fearful

Finally, the offices are open from today in Delhi and other places. While driving down to work today, I noticed a lot of avoidable traffic and people on the streets. Till last week, every time I ventured out from home for essentials, I always came across deserted streets filled with autumn leaves and not a soul in sight except for sleeping stray dogs lying in the middle of the roads. It used to be such a sad and depressing sight as if death had taken over the city. The summer sun made it look even more lifeless and morose.

However, today, I saw fear and resentment outside. People out for work preferred being home. There is apprehension and tension of what might be lurking outside. Some people I spoke to said they think coming to work is as good as committing suicide. Well, going out regularly is no where as safe as compared to being home. But if the virus had to hit you, it could come home too. There are several ways. So, thinking that being home means you are safe is not exactly true.

Honestly, I am not elated either, by the prospect of venturing out every day, meeting people who may be asymptomatic, touching surfaces that could be infected etc. But, isn’t it time we thought beyond ourselves? While our own health and well being should be our prime concern, what about opening the economy so millions can go back to work and earn a livelihood again? All businesses are interrelated. When one does well, many others benefit and so on. So until, we come out to work and contribute to the business, be careful and not fearful, how can we expect things to go back to normal? Agreed, that the disease is here to stay for some time, and agreed that it poses many to high risks, life cannot stop. Believe it or not, without economy, the world cannot survive.

For me, as a business owner, it is essential that I head back to work so I can rebuild the business that has been severely impacted and protect my employee’s jobs and livelihoods. This is the time when our efforts together will help bring the wheels of economy to function back thereby saving many from dying of hunger. So, be cautious, be careful but do not be fearful. And yes, go back to work because that way you can also contribute in your own way to save the economy thereby ensuring more people have food on their plate and a roof over their head in these trying times.

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