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Are your kids safe in team sports?

“Healthy Mind Lives in Healthy body”  we always heard, and we pass it on to the next generation.

For sure, sports is the best way to prove this saying. Sports plays a significant role for kids at their growing stage. We should also support their participation .

But have you ever given a thought for the kid’s safety on the ground? Not really. When was the last time you tried to find out if a sports coach has acted improperly at a game? We agree sports creates sportsmanship, inculcate disciplines, but is this industry away from employee scandals? You it’s a big NO.

Kids Safety – A concern

Kids in sports are in their growing age. Coaches, officials, facilities staff, bus drivers, and even volunteer coordinators all have direct interaction with kids. There is always the chance a predator can and will use this as an opportunity to get closer to kids. Inappropriate behaviour can give them an unalterable impact for lifetime. So, the kids’ safety in team sport matter the most. Kids in team sports solely depends on schools, sports organizations, coordinators to crate and follow the rules for kids in team sports. And a great starting point is the mandatory background check for all them.

Background Check

Again, the age-old adage – “Technology is a bliss”, here too. Sharing of stories, videos on kids’ safety even in team sports created a buzz and awareness amongst all. Now a days, sports associations and schools across the nation are recognizing the importance of strictly vetting all adults involved in kid’s sports. From coaches to volunteers are being screened more thoroughly with background checks. Minimally they should be screened for criminal history, drugs, driving and qualification. Where in kids’ safety comes, these background checks should be repeated annually.

If You Cannot Verify Background

Many times, schools or sports organizations face hurdle. It can either be a monetary issue or it could be corrupt practices. Yet, they cannot afford to be lenient towards such crucial activity. The solution is outsourcing the activity to an expert agency. Most organizations feel that professional background checks are costlier.

Therefore Team Pietos, considering the cruciality of kids safety in sports team, has created a custom screening package that not only improves screening process but also maintains the cost-efficiency with accurate, compliant, and better protection of both the kids in sports team, as well as the organization

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