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Against All Odds as Entrepreneur

It takes a lot of grit and courage to overcome all odds to become an entrepreneur. It means choosing a path of uncertainties, risks, struggles and challenges. There are days when you feel this is just not for you and it was easier if you went back to a job.

It’s very lonely at the top: After a point, there is no one you can speak to about your daily struggles. Ideally, a lot of things ought to be discussed with your business partner but they too have their own constraints and bad days and they are treading a path full of challenges, just like you. Your family can only understand you to an extent, beyond which they want you to relax, give up and take rest. You do not want to burden your spouse with your troubles any longer every day. So, you become your best friend.

Everything seems too less – time, resources, money, support. The only thing you can count on is yourself. The only thing you can drive like a slave is your brain and so it starts working round the clock. You are thinking subconsciously even when you are asleep and you wake up with more thoughts. Being an entrepreneur is like being in a high pressure job 24 hours a day. All else including your body gives up at some point. It gets rather tough and there are many failures.

Persistence is the key: Only those who persist succeed. It is a delight to create something of your own and see it grow and succeed. The critical part is getting off your comfort zone and doing something.

A lot of people have ideas and visions but very few are able to take that risk and chase that vision. Whether one succeeds or not is irrespective, the fact that one tried is what matters and tried with all his heart and soul. There has to be a burning desire to succeed and that will take you places. It is not about focusing on why you cannot do it but on how you can do it and be different. After all, we can achieve anything if we put our mind to it.

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