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“ I had all the odds against me. I was embarking as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry and I was a new mother”, Barsha.



ADJUDGED Women of Excellence 2019, Business View

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Col. indERjit

singH parmar

Col. Parmar is an accomplished army veteran who served the country for many decades. As one of the key advisors to Pietos, he plays the role of a chief strategist and acts as a chief mentor to the investigation team.




Shoma aces the organisational skills and has a vast experience in strategizing the academic and training  aspects of the company. Currently, she is playing a major role as the Director of Organisation Development at Pietos.

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Mr. Nadeem is a young "First Generation Entrepreneur" with diverse exposure in Organisation transformation and brings with him decades of HR experience and helps in creating succession and career planning at Pietos.


Indrajit Chattopadhyay

Indrajit specializes in achieving goals and leadership and currently he heads Quality and Information Security at Pietos and is responsible for bringing in new processes and improvement in overall operations. He comes with decades of experience and was heading the Quality department of L&T in his last stint.

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Namreeta Sabherwal

Namreeta is a seasoned HR professional with almost two decades of experience of which the last few years has been heading the HR function of large companies as well as start ups. She supports Pietos in building an organization that is people as well as client centric with her HR knowledge and capability.


Sunita Chakraborty

Sunita is a seasoned Operations leader with about two decades of Project Management, Client Servicing and People management experience. She has managed end to end deliveries for various national and international clients. She is helping Pietos in enhancing the operational efficiency by streamlining the processes, employee performances and thus improving the delivery experiences.

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