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Pietos provides accurate & reliable background verification services backed by strong technology practices. We conduct multiple types of background checks according to client specific needs. Our time bound reporting ensures that you get desired results accurately & on time. We are aimed towards providing customized solutions to meet client specific needs & business requirements. Inaccurate information on resumes and information mismatch are reasons why it is imperative to investigate employee background before hiring to control data thefts. We offer a wide range of employment background checks and pre-employment screening services to organizations. Our quick turnaround time, stringent quality checks, well-defined processes, online and automated BGV reporting and delivery across length and breadth of the country differentiate us from all other service providers.



We can manage your employee life cycle data right from hire to retire! Our services include digitization of all employee documents. We can assist you in maintaining these documents either in your own document management system or on our reputed technology partner’s platform. We can help you define a retention schedule for keeping and disposing records as per legal compliances. Such paperwork and record keeping takes away around 40% of any HR professional’s work time. Imagine the time you could save to focus on your core HR work if there was someone to take care of these transactions for you. We have strict security protocols that ensure your data is secure and risk free. Our controlled user access ensure that your data security is never compromised.

New Hiring Onboarding


Onboarding employees is about creative a positive brand and image of your organization to ensure employee retention. We connect with the employee right after an offer is rolled out. We also utilize this time period to complete all pre joining formalities such as personnel file creation, coordinating back ground checks, etc. 

Training Process


You invest a lot towards enhancing your organization's competencies and talent. This is critical for the success of your business. However, a lot of time is spent by HR in monitoring and managing this process. We can take care of your entire training administration process including coordinating, monitoring, analysis and reporting for you. Our services include identifying trainees, creating schedules, sending invites, form learner groups, arrange venue and logistics, share logistics with learners, follow up for nominations, liaise with training vendors, arrange travel and stay for outstation employees for training sessions, conduct pre and post test assessments, collect attendance and feedback, and share training dashboards with you. All this along with a helpdesk service for employees for all their training related queries.



We offer end to end exit management right from initiating the exit process, coordinating for employee's exit formalities, monitoring attrition details, executing the overall separation process, designing and conducting exit interviews to analyzing the exit interview data and providing recommendations for retention strategy.



HR professionals spend a lot of the time during the day addressing and resolving employee queries and concerns. Sometimes, these take away the time that they could utilize on other HR related core tasks. We provide a single point of contact for all Level 1 employee queries with time bound resolution to free up the HR team's time to address core HR work. 



We know it’s difficult to achieve your strategic HR goals effectively and efficiently using a patchwork of HR systems. Our comprehensive Talent Management Suite offers you a consolidated framework for managing your employees’ needs from their first day to their last day. Data is housed on secure servers with 99.9% uptime.

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