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hr_health_check_innerIt is a process that we carry out to understand the effectiveness of your people practices. We have a simple tool that reviews your people practices and its alignment with your organizational startegy-

»  HR strategy and the extent to which it supports business
goals and objectives

»  HR policies, procedures and interventions and
how effectively they are delivered

»  Leadership/Management style and the prevailing culture

»  Organisational and communication processes

We first conduct focus groups and surveys for a 360 degree feedback.
We review the data to see what is currently working in your organisation and the gaps.

Finally, we identify the issues that have the biggest impact on motivation, morale, work performance and offer clear recommendations about how to resolve them.

How does the HR audit benefit you ?

» To ensure that your handbook & policies are upto date. Updated information ensures that your employees are aware of their entitlements and company's expectations from them » To ensure that the employee morale in your organization is high - leads to higher engagement levels which leads to more motivated workforce who are more committed to organization's goals » To ensure that you have processes in place to measure employee's performance and development » To ensure that there is clear communication at all levels within the organization - promotes better performance and positive emotions towards work. We can help you link your HR practices to business planning