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Q. What is background verification ?

A. Background verification is the process of verifying the information declared by a candidate during hiring. This                     information can be about one’s education, employment, address, identity, character etc.

Q. What are the different types of verifications ?

A. You can view our entire list of verifications here.

Q. What information is required to conduct a background verification?

A. For conducting background verification on a subject, personal information related to the subject is required such as         his/her name, father’s name, birth date, Gender, complete Address (Current and permanent), National Identity etc.

     Apart from this, information sought is in line with the type of check to be performed. For example, to conduct                   employment check, past employer name, designation, tenure, RM name etc. will be needed.

     However, before conducting any background check on an individual, we ensure that a written consent is taken from           the candidate on whom the background screening process is conducted.

Q. Is information shared securely during verification process ?

A. Confidentiality of Information shared during background verification is ensured in all possible ways.

     At Pietos, we comply with data security norms like no other. In fact, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified or                                   Quality ISO 27001:2013  certified for Information Security.

Q. What countries do you service in ?

A. We are a leading background verification company in Delhi NCR. We have service delivery capability in 50 countries         across the globe. 

Q.Why is background verification done?

A. Human capital is the most precious asset for your business. However, while hiring the right employees, what you               don’t know can hurt. Employee background screening is critical & companies opts for verifications to mitigate           risk, create safe work environment, prevent frauds, establish trust & protect company brand value and                         profitability. Companies should screen candidates at all level, including part-time workers & senior
     management as they have access to the office premises, assets & sensitive information & hence, pose a                     significant risk.

Q. Which cities in India do you conduct background verifications in?

A. We cover the entire length and breadth of the country and can conduct verifications almost anywhere in India.

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