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About US

The name ‘Pietos’ is a roman word which means ‘duty towards other fellow beings’.

"A brainchild of Barsha Chakraborty, Pietos launched its operations in 2015"

Our Mission 

And this is exactly what Barsha wanted to do when she started the company. While she had the entrepreneur calling from within, she also wanted it to be in the best interests of others.


Pietos is a employee background verification company, offering cost-effective and genuine background verification checks to help mitigate risk, Pietos has come a long way since then. Our services include employee background screening, vendor partner screening, insurance, and KYC verifications, etc. Our background verification checks are quick, genuine and self-explanatory.

To be the Most Sought After Background Verification Company in India through client's word of mouth globally.


To Become an BGV Verification Organization of Repute that is trusted by everyone for its service quality and expertise

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