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Fast and reliable Background VERIFICATION

Providing most reliable, compliant and cost 
effective background verification solutions in India.

Ranked Among Top 10 Promising Employee Background  Verification (BGV) Company In India 2020 by Consultants Review Magazine


Flawless Execution

Best-in-class standardized BGV vendor processes and smooth client servicing offered through our expert account managers and client relationship team

Customized Technology Solutions

Background Screening Technology solutions that are tailored to meet your business needs with easy integration with most HR Management Systems

Contain Costs

With our standard and competitive pricing, we have reduced the overall BGV spends of our clients

Reduce Risks

Comprehensive legally-compliant background check reports for mitigating risks associated with hiring, retention, business partners, and vendors.

Flexible Solutions

We have the capability to meet your organization’s current and future HR needs related to background screening

Innovative Tools

Best in class information solutions for risk mitigation among background verification companies

Pietos is the natural choice as your BGV process vendor in your search for an end-to-end Background Verification Company in India.


Ranking consistently as one of the top BGV companies in India we at Pietos specialize in establishing trust in an individual or company through rigorous and automated background check processes in the shortest possible time using strict data security protocols. As one of the most trusted background verification companies in Delhi, NCR we have developed background verification and fraud prevention services for corporations, financial institutions, as well as MSMEs.

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